The nutrition facts of coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Feel fresh after smelling the aroma of roasted or brewed coffee beans? We are in the same boat! It contains small various amounts of nutrients that benefit our body. Drinking coffee has been many times linked to benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes and helps improving brain health. These nutritional benefits are not confirmed and are still in studied but make sure you get your daily coffee in a reasonable amount and avoid adding sugar to your lovely cup. Here are several points of nutrition contained in a cup of coffee.


Coffee beans are naturally dense in antioxidants including chlorogenic acid. Roasting or processing coffee beans may reduce the antioxidant contents when higher amounts could be found in the form of green coffee beans. According to NYU Langone Medical Center, the chlorogenic acids from green coffee bean extract could help lower the high blood pressure and aid weight loss.

What you need to know about coffee beans nutrition


Yes, this nutrition makes you back focus on your work and stay awake longer. It gives a jolt to your body and you feel refreshed. This compound is quickly absorbed by all the body’s tissues, including brain and stimulates the nervous system.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Coffee contains small amount of vitamins (Riboflavin and Niasin). Riboflavin is a supplement to maintain healthy skin, nerves, eyes and red blood cells, when Niasin works to control cholesterol and good for your body skin. Moreover, coffee also contains small amount of minerals to keep you from dehydrated.

Nowadays, some people also having concern on organic foods including coffee. What foods and drinks those get into our body will affect the future health of ours. You may find there are many coffee farmers apply this treatment in growing the trees. They use the organic fertilizer and compound in caring the plants. You may find it too in our product company. There are so many benefits from coffee that we could benefited by drinking it routinely those cannot be mentioned all. More or less, let’s also support the farmers by care about the upstream process and buy their beans at the right price. Sip your coffee every day to feel energized in your entire day.

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