Why Do Almost All Restaurants Have a Coffee Menu?

The Important of a Coffee Bean Menu for Your Restaurant

Lots of restaurants around the world that provide a variety of menus, from the standard to the special menu served at each restaurant. Every restaurant must have at least one kind of food menu and one kind of drink menu. Viewed from various points of view and levels of restaurants, almost all restaurants have menus related to the coffee, from food that tastes coffee until special drinks that use high-quality coffee beans. From that situation, why do we always find coffee menu in this world? Is there any interesting point inside of the coffee powder? Let’s discuss some important factors below,

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A Comfy Coffee Bean Restaurant

1. Coffee is Addictive

When talking about the word addictive, many people immediately point out the negative things about it. In fact, there are other types of addictive substances that you can even find in your daily food or drink menu, for example coffee. The addictive substances contained in coffee are not dangerous in the slightest, the addictive substance in coffee which is commonly called caffeine can make the drinker addicted, especially if he is used to drinking more than two cups per day. However, it is better to consume coffee in moderation, because if it is excessive it can cause pain in the stomach. From that, it can be concluded that many restaurants have a coffee menu because coffee can be addictive and make customers come back to eat or drink at the restaurant.

Cream Coffee

2. Coffee has many flavors and notes

It is undeniable that there are many coffee producers in the world and from various countries that can produce quality coffee beans. Here we will discuss from one of the best coffee bean producer countries, namely Indonesia. In Indonesia itself, there are many coffee-producers regions. In just one area, the taste or notes of the coffee itself can vary according to the location and method of planting the coffee. The flavors that are formed can be like tropical fruit, spice, earthy, even to the point of resembling chocolate. It is conceivable if in one region can produce vary taste or notes how about one country, one continent or even one world? Therefore, every restaurant often has a special coffee menu that can usually only be found at that restaurant, because uniqueness is one of the selling points that is priceless.

Many types of Coffee Beans Flavor

3. Coffee is a Complement to have Chit-Chat with Colleagues

How many times have you heard that if you want to meet a friend, co-worker, relative or anyone, we make an appointment to meet at a restaurant or coffee shop? Without realizing it, coffee can be a complement to every conversation, from informal to formal discussions. Almost everyone savors every sip of coffee and enjoys conversation in a very comfortable way. One hour, two hours can pass very quickly and not be felt, on the other hand every restaurant or coffee shop usually provides a comfortable place to relax. Coffee can provide benefits indirectly to colleagues around us.

The importance of a Coffee Shop

These 3 things are the reasons why coffee menus are almost always in every restaurant in the world. There are still many other reasons when discussing coffee, maybe we will discuss it again on another occasion. Thank you Sooca Coffee friends.

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