indonesia coffee beans

Sumatra Beans

Coffee beans from Sumatra is well known for its spice, herbs notes, fruity and low acidity when earthy and nutty notes could be tasted in its Robusta on this island. Every year thousand of beans are exported to worldwide to meet the demand. Together with the stakeholders, we come with Arabica Gayo and Robusta Lampung as our main origin beans…. learn more


Java Beans

Java Preanger is the first coffee planted in Indonesia in 1690s era. Nowadays, the plants are produced in more varieties and mostly by using washed method in encountering the unpredictable climate change. We got our chance to have a first coffee trip in Pangalengan, West Java several years ago and committed to reintroduce Java Preanger worldwide…. learn more


Arabica coffee beans supplier drying process

Bali Beans

Known as a paradise island, the beans from here also tastes unique and fresh. Most of them comes from Kintamani, a village within the district located in Bali. Normally, farmers are planting orange trees near the plantation area which results in the taste of citrusy and sweet with low acidity coffee. The size of beans is larger than the normal Arabica…. learn more


Sulawesi Beans

Have its own fans, Toraja coffee comes from Sulawesi island. Planted above 1200masl, the coffee tastes fruity and dark chocolate when processed by specialty treatment. Most farmers are living in Toraja, South Sulawesi, make a living by growing and selling their product locally to the buyers…. learn more




Green beans coffee export : grain pro, jute bag

Green beans domestic : double layer

Roasted beans : by request

Frequently Asked Questions

For details, please contact us directly through the email at info@soocacoffee.com or provided whatsapp contact.

  • Moisture : 13% Max
  • Specialty defect rate : max. 5 full defects (SCAA)
  • Grade 1 defect rate   : max. 11 full defects (SCAA)
  • Grade 2 defect rate  : max. 23 full defects (SCAA)
  • 20ft container        :  18MT
  • 40ft container        :  25MT

Four international ports are covered including Belawan, Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Perak and Makassar. 

Green beans     : 1MT (1,000kgs)

Roasted beans : 100kgs

On average 1-4 weeks, depends on the quantity and our current conditions.

TT or L/C payment is accepted.

  • TT term  : Payment should be completed in advance 50% and the remaining before shipment.
  • L/C term : Payment should be full paid in the beginning, B/L will be sent after the shipment is accomplished.

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Do you know?

The world consumes around 2.25 billion cups of coffee daily.

Coffee is the 2nd largest traded commodities in the world

Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia

“Kopi Luwak” is the most expensive coffee in the world. It sells for $600 and up a pound!


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