Did You Know How Coffee Beans Grow?


Millions of people begin their day with a cup of coffee while the majority of us don’t know how long the process is from growing the plant to our cup of pleasure. We have our own favorite beans origins to regain our focus and stamina in doing our routine. Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and many more countries are examples of the origin of coffee with a rich taste for their customers. Besides the processes, after the beans are ready as the green beans, the treatment of the coffee trees should be maintained and cared for consistently every day in an optimal way. Here we share the story of a coffee plant in our country, Indonesia.

Arabica beans is one of well known coffee beans from Indonesia

Normally, the Arabica trees are planted on the soil above 1,000 meters above sea level for the best result. Weeding, fertilization, sprinkling, and the light from the sun are the main factors for the cherry result. Shade trees also play the role in ensuring the coffee plants get the optimal light of the sun and protect them when the rainy days are coming. It grows and bears fruit in the year 2 or 3. Different than Robusta, Arabica trees could bloom on the same twig each year so the farmers need less strict treatment for weeding the tree.

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Robusta trees are mostly planted on Sumatra and Java Island. It grows with the altitude 500-900 metres above sea level. Robusta could grows in a place with higher temperature than Arabica and more resistant to coffee plant disease. It produces 1 to 2 tonnes of green coffee beans each hectares in average and keeps growing each year as the farmers keeps improving their knowledge in caring the plant and increasing the productivity of the trees. Although Robusta beans has its basic flavour, again we can taste the heavier body with strong flavour of Robusta Lampung from Sumatra when Robusta Java and Flores has lighter body with chocolate and a bit herbal notes. The soil characteristics and planted trees around them play the main roles for the result of taste.

Robusta beans is one of well known coffee beans from Indonesia

Mostly, the beans are processed in natural way which takes around 25-30 days to dry the beans before ready to be supplied as green beans. By using the light of the sun, farmers and processors start drying the beans from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., depends on the heat. It will dried until reached maximum 12% of moisture and packaged in jute bag. Same with the Arabica farmers, Robusta farmers also plant the other trees. Besides as the shade trees, it is for substitute when the harvest season of coffee plant has passed.

In conclusion, Arabica and Robusta plants are diversely planted in many regions in Indonesia since there are many islands at here, but generally it is planted with the same treatment and constraints as the other countries. Let us support the coffee farmers by consuming their products and introduce them to the global market.

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